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Puppy Pads | Dog Training Pads

We have a wide variety of puppy pads weewee pee pads.

In business since 1972, Puppypadsusa (formerly Mylan – name change only) has been selling quality puppy pads for your pets. We have a reputation for being honest, fair, fast shippers, reputable and customer-friendly. We pride ourselves in having the best first quality wee wee pads that you can find.

Our pads are clean, disposable and indispensable as a training aid for puppies, for older incontinent dogs or even if you are just too lazy to walk your pet!  They are highly absorbent with a plastic polyethylene top which makes the pads leak proof. We have several different sizes and weights – take a look!

And our pads are great for bird cages, hamsters, ferrets, bunnies and kitties too – we have all kinds and types of happy customers!

paw_1 Save Big $$$$ Buy By The Case
paw_1 Absorbent- Leak Proof – Disposable
paw_1 For Use Indoors and Outdoors
paw_1 For The “Senior” Dog Suffering From Incontinence
paw_1 Fresh and Clean
paw_1 Housebreaking Made Simple and Easy
paw_1 Protect Your Furniture
paw_1 No More Walking Your Dog In The Sleet and Snow
paw_1 Great For Bird Cages, Hamsters, Ferrets, Bunnies and Kitty Litter Boxes


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